The Maiden Voyage

Well…This is it. The “maiden voyage” for this blog. This is simply a place to write about books and if possible, discuss books too.

I consider myself to be a professional reader where I typically read a book per day. I used to spend my days as a teacher and then school administrator. Now, I am fortunate enough to spend my days getting lost in romance books while chasing around my toddler. I have always loved reading and my addiction has become much worse since I have entered the e-reader world (4 years ago). I started my page to use it as a log of books I have read since I started reading ebooks. Lately I have been getting the itch to write about some of the books I have read.
I am a huge fan of romance. Lately I have been on a m/m kick and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I love YA, NA, Contemporary, Fantasy, PNR, etc… I also love Alpha males all the way to nerdy and reclusive. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me is some nerdy, witty banter, great chemistry, gfy m/m stories. My other pot of gold is a m/f Alpha male with a strong female character.

I apologize in advance about my lack of proof reading/editing.

My rating scale:
1 Star: I. Can’t. Even. Definitely didn’t finish this book, not even close.
2 Stars: I possibly finished this. I also probably need Starbucks or a reward for even making it to 75%.
3 Stars: Meh… It was alright. Something was lacking in my connection with the story or the writing was…not compatible.
4 Stars: I really liked it. I would recommend this to a friend. It had the feels and elements that I like in a romance.
5: OH.MY!! All the feeeelllllssssss. I LOVED it and have probably stalked the author and have decided on the next book in their catalog. I will also most likely buy this as a gift for all of my close reading friends.

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