Carry the Ocean

Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan

Reviewed: April 8, 2017

5 Stars 

I loved this book. I loathed this book. I have never had both feelings going on at the same exact time throughout an ENTIRE book. Jeremey and Emmet went through some shit ya’ll. The struggle felt SO real. It was heartbreaking and endearing. It would incite rage and trigger a grin. It would bring a river of tears and small sobs of joy.

“Depression likes to eat happy things, sometimes.”

“Everybody needs somebody to love. I’m an everybody. I get a somebody.”

Gahhhhhhhh!!!! The love. Oh the love!!! They loved so deep in their own beautiful and special way. Emmet and Jeremey’s relationship was so pure and complex. They were so attuned to each other’s needs. When it was impossible to function, both were still so concerned with the other person. They became pros at making “modifications” for their relationship to be at its fullest.

With all the love happening, there was sex. However, this wasn’t a sexy read. Not. At. All. It was more about discovery and figuring out what they each could handle. “I gasped. Emmet smiled and pulled back, touching my face. “That felt like a fish.” I laughed and leaned into his hands. It had, kind of. “Bumpy. Like wet sandpaper.”

Jeremey’s mom was a bitch!! If she was a real person I would have needed some “modifications” myself to prevent me from bitch-slapping her. Her revelation at the end incited even more rage. The situation might not have been as dire had she been a little more understanding. At the same time, Emmet’s family was super loving and had him so accommodated that he was high functioning and practically independent.

Dr. North. *sigh* I loved Dr. North. He was the calm in the middle of the storm. If he was real, the world would be a better place. David was pretty awesome too. I’m sure his story is going to be coming soon. A quad with his personality will definitely have some interesting tales.

Although I gave this 5 stars, I am unsure if I would shout it from the rooftops and/or recommend it. I’m a wimp!! I ain’t scared to admit that. I would advise you to heed the warning the author gives. If it’s your thing, more power to you and get your read on. If not, you can be like me; get a snuggie, some hugs and some moral support.

“There is no normal, not really. Not a right and a wrong way to be. But there is belonging.”

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