Fawn by Nash summers

Originally reviewed April 8, 2017

5 Stars

I. Can’t. Even.

How can something so beautiful be only 76 pages? How can it make me forget to breathe while I’m reading it? The sweetness and innocence and darkness and light. *sigh*

The love that Rust held for Ancel was so stripped down and left room for nothing but true love in its simplest form. This love began as a boy when Rust thought he saw a miracle; Enter Ancel.

“Then you should be thankful rust,” she (his mom)said, “because miracles are special, and not everyone is lucky enough to see one.”

“As the back of him disappeared through the gate to his yard, I knew he’d never be mine. But I knew just as well that i’d always be his.”

*I’m like Swooney McSwoonerson over here*


Oh Ancel. Not gonna lie…I wouldn’t mind breaking me off a piece of Ancel. He brought dark, brooding, and tortured eyes to a whole new level. His “Little Fawn” was the light to his extreme darkness. His compass North in the tunnels of Hell that he had to walk through.

Let’s talk about the writing. It. was. breathtaking. The writing was so descriptive and beautiful that it made me want to channel my inner Maria and set those hills alive with the sound of music…err or fields alive that have mice and crows in them, Whatever! Seriously, It made me want to become one with nature and let’s be real…ain’t nobody got time for that.

I beg you to read this. Don’t be a size snob like I used to be. I hope this isn’t trash to you and becomes treasure in your eyes.


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