True Colors

by Anyta Sunday

Originally Reviewed March 16, 2017

4 Stars

I feel like I just went through battle and only got a bandaid for my wounds. (That was my feeling once I finished the book).

True Colors was beautiful, painful and real. Oskar is struggling with guilt, love and rebuilding what was once lost. Marco seems to be struggling with everything due to his…self-image. He is salmon. This kind of grated on my nerves a bit because he is SO salmon. It wasn’t until after 90% that he finally decided to change colors. Well, maybe not change colors but bring some new light in and let go.

I am ALL for slow burn and UST. However, Anyta just about killed me with this one. I needed SOMETHING, ANYTHING to go on. The story kept going and I wasn’t even getting scraps. I really enjoyed this story and all of the love and self-discovery journeys that the characters went on. My main complaint would be that by time Marco was ready to let go, the book was over and we got a short epilogue. I needed more. I felt like my wounds were gaping with everything these two went through and instead of full body surgery with some TLC, I was handed a butterfly band-aid and sent home. I neeeeeeeed that oooey gooey time with the MCs and I felt like I was robbed. Hence the 4 stars and not 5. Still, I love Anyta and will continue to tear up any book she writes.

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