Tied to You

Originally posted at BMBR on May 22, 2017

3.5 Stars

This book was fine…but it had the potential to be great. The story, characters, and events were meticulously laid out through most of the book. Then, the main event at 90% was SO predictable and frustrating at the same time.


This story starts when Miles and Quinn meet at a bar and spend a weekend together. Both were alike in their needs for a quick, no strings attached good time while knowing that they were back to regularly scheduled programming once the weekend was complete.

”They’d both needed to fuck, done that, and there wasn’t much more to the story.”

Miles and Quinn are complete opposites. Miles is a closed off, brooding, control freak who has a tight circle of friends and family with zero room for anyone or anything else. Quinn is a very open and social person that likes to push the limits in all aspects of life. Both men have baggage from their childhood which becomes a thread that connects them.

“One plus one is always two. It’s always been two for me, but now there are all these fucking variables that make me continuously come up with a different answer.”

“So, I’m kind of like the anti-two?” Quinn asked”

Two months after their initial weekend hookup, they end up at the same bar again and are unable to completely ignore the presence of the other.

“Why don’t we cut to the chase and you tell me where to meet you tonight?”


From here, their relationship continues to grow. Slowly. Quinn chips away at the walls that Miles has built and each little crack is a huge victory.

“You’re thinking. I can see the wheels turning… Do I want to tell Quinn this or not? Will I still be the gorgeous as fuck, brooding dude who oozes sex, if I say something that really matters? The answer is yes, by the way.”

Everything happened so organically for Miles and Quinn. Nothing was rushed in the beginning. They started as strictly a hook up and then Miles gave Quinn his full name. This led to emails and then to texts. Texts turned into phone calls and eventually Quinn had him hooked and was slowly reeling him in.

”Why had it been Quinn he picked up in the bar that night? Why had he not only been an incredible fuck, but also charming and funny and completely annoying, which Miles also strangely found endearing?”

“I like him. I’m not looking to fall in love with him, and he sure as shit isn’t looking to fall in love with me. He’s got walls higher than a maximum-security prison, but I like him.”

Their emotional relationship moved at a snail’s pace which was fitting for them. The growth in their physical and emotional relationship, although subtle, was evident throughout. It was written in a way that you could feel the huge steps they were taking even though it was a seemingly small action, word, touch, look, laugh, etc… They started off so emotionally unavailable that I found myself getting excited with each baby step they took knowing that it put another crack in the foundation.

There was a lot of sex in this book. A. Lot. I’m all about the sex usually…*sigh* but it was too much in this book. *gasp* I know a huge part of their relationship was sexual. But, there came point where emotions were involved and I wanted more and by more I don’t mean how they wanted to spank suck fuck. They couldn’t stop talking about “the ass.” (I had to give it an official title with how much it was discussed throughout) Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually all for reading about ass play. But if I read one more time about Quinn’s ass, how it liked to have something in it all the time and how much it wanted Miles’ dick…


There were times when I wanted to skip a sex scene. But I didn’t know if this would be one of the times where there might be some emotional growth taking place during it. So I pulled up my big girl panties and kept on going.

Miles and Quinn had a chance to form a friendship which became entertaining. They had a snarky and sarcastic style that eased some of the seriousness of Miles’ personality,

”Fucking Quinn. The man seemed to have a knack for making Miles feel less surly, which he didn’t understand.”

“Miles pointed to the couch and said, “Sit.”
His eyes went wide at Quinn’s bark. Still, he sat down.
“Do I at least get a treat for being a good boy? I really like bones.”

The second half of the book read longer than the first. I found myself becoming so frustrated with Miles and his almost childlike reactions. The entire book was building to where you just knew that something HUGE was going to happen…until it doesn’t. As mentioned before, the big plot twist around 90% was extremely predictable.
I was disappointed that it was the direction the author chose. I was even more frustrated on how the MCs reacted to it. IMHO, It felt so contrived and ruined all of the work the author spent in building their relationship.

With all of that being said, Tied to You was a decent read with fun supporting characters which were in the previous books of the series as well. When Miles’ broodiness and knee-jerk reactions weren’t getting in the way, they worked. Quinn and Miles fit well together.

”This isn’t a competition. It’s not a game of who’s been hurt the most. We both have scars, but we’re still standing. The question is, are you going to spend your whole life punishing yourself or are you going to move on?”

Copy provided for honest review.


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