On Point

4.5 Stars

This book went down like fine wine. Seriously, I just wanted to sit in bed with a cuddly blanket, 2 hot AF Navy SEALs named Ben and Maddox, some cupcakes from Maddox and this book. A girl can dream…


On Point brings us the story of Maddox, Ben and a journey of realizing their dreams and figuring out how to go after them. Both men are Navy SEALs and very early on go wheels up to another country on a Mission that is quickly botched. Both men are injured but Maddox is in very bad shape. Ben went all super human and got them both to safety when at times it seemed impossible.

“He refused, utterly refused to live in a world where Maddox wasn’t okay.”

Once to safety, they both have a long road to recovery. It is on this road that they finally decide to do something about the feelings that have served as a giant sparkly elephant in the room. Prior to their mission, it’s made clear that something is going on in their friendship that isn’t normal. They are walking on egg shells and it’s during flashbacks that we gain insight into how their friendship became “weird.” Those flashbacks…dayuuummm. Lotsa word porn going on during those bits. During those times, both men try so hard to hide their feelings for each other.

When Maddox decides he needs to move on and start dating, Ben decides if Maddox is going to date, it needs to be him. You know, for the sake of science…
“Look at it this way. It’s part of the experiment. We could have zero chemistry, and then we’ll know and we can laugh and go have a beer.”

It was at this point I wanted to volunteer to walk them through the steps of a science experiment.
Hypothesis?…hell yeah.
Observation *growl*
Analyzing data? I’d analyze the shit out of it.
Conclusion? I’d love to draw one of those too…

During this “experiment,” chemistry may not be an issue but communication is. Ben has abandonment issues that completely affect having a functional relationship and Maddox has an inner voice that needed to sack up and realize that he was enough. They have a lot to work through and how they did that was believable. Both MCs were authentic and stayed true to self throughout. This friends to lover dynamic was captivating. The sex was hot and complimented the story. Ben was an extremely sexual person and was able to communicate a lot through those times.
”The sex had stripped him bare, removed him from his anger and hurt, left only this part of him that was always going to require Maddox more than oxygen. The desperation of his feelings for Maddox scared him so much he shook, and he pushed all that into the kiss.”

I really enjoyed watching Ben and Maddox find their way separately and together. Could they have pulled their heads out sooner? Sure… but they stayed true and I was drinking the Navy SEAL kool-aid. I would definitely recommend this book.

An ARC was provided by NetGalley.

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