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3 Stars

The book was Meh… let’s get to the good stuff which is the reason this has 3 stars instead of 2.5..

The barre.


The flexibility needed.


The stretches one must do on the barre to “cool down.”

The opportunity that presents itself when you have the ballet studio to yourself with another hot male watching you.

I’ll give you a minute to visualize…


Did that help? It depicts the scene in the book perfectly… if you take away the clothes and add another naked male *ahem* directly behind him.


Anywhoooo, as I said, this book was just ok. I got distracted by the shiny cover and forgot that the first book in this series was just alright, too.

We start off with detective Joel Hunter. Joel is single and ready to mingle… with women. Unfortunately for good ol’ Joel, all of the women he has tried to date have hit the road with parting gifts of insecurity in his personality as well as his lack of bedroom prowess. Joel has been attracted to men but “hasn’t acted on it” and he is “definitely straight.” The story starts with Joel and his partner Trish doing a sting operation in the Paradise Club. At the club, Joel is captivated with the beautiful looks and voice of Satin. Once the sting operation is over, Joel continues to watch Satin and on one of these nights, Satin approaches Joel.

Satin is a female impersonator who is aptly named for the Satin “she” dons on stage. Satin AKA Ross performs for the club while trying to find work in ballet as a dancer. Ross is also jaded by previous relationships where he puts out and then the men get out. When Satin approaches Joel, they have good conversation and Ross invites Joel for coffee which he reluctantly accepts.

Their relationship begins “slowly” over a month’s time. They have coffees once a week and then they met for drinks which turned into “coffee” at Joel’s flat. Now, here is where it’s like a repeat of book one. The sex is hot, but again, not realistic. Joel is still saying he is straight to I’ve-never-been-with-a-man-I-don’t-know-maybe-I-could-be-bi to this…

“Ross’s cock sprang up, hard and wet at the slit. It was an invitation Joel was unable to ignore. He bent over, and hesitantly at first, ran his tongue over the pearl of pre-come that glistened there.”

and then this…

“He slicked up a couple of fingers, and stopped Ross’s preparations with a gentle hand. “I think this is my job.”

That’s some talent right there. Taking a face fucking like a champ for his first time ever touching a male and then prep work, too. *smh* At least the scenes were hot even if reality had to be suspended!

Although both men have insecurities from past relationships, the main drama of the story is whether Joel will pull his head out and realize whether he is straight or bi and whether he wants to be in a relationship with Ross. The bad news for us as readers is that Joel isn’t the brightest crayon in the crayon box so he is constantly back and forth. Just when you think that he is in a relationship with Ross, Joel starts thinking and that doesn’t bode well. Joel goes from wanting to see where the attraction will lead and spending the night at each others flats to “I don’t want to lead him on” *bangs head* or “this is getting way too serious.” *rolls eyes* Joel is extremely clueless throughout which was irritating. The MC dialogue, their inner thoughts and “jokes” were awkward for most of the book. I liked Trish, Joel’s partner. She added the most depth to the story which shouldn’t be the case.

This will be the end of my journey for this series. I WILL NOT fall for another shiny cover with naked men in their pretty fabulous stupid manties. The sex was hot but not worth putting up with the lack of story and awkward characters. On a positive note, I’ll never look at a barre the same way again…

Copy provided for honest review.

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