Scorpio Hates Virgo

4.5 Stars

Have you ever experienced an amazing book or movie and think that nothing could ever live up to the first? Like the first Bourne movie? Any time I really love a “first” of something, I always go into the second with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. After Leo Loves Aries, I decided Anyta must be my spirit animal (Maybe I’m a tad dramatic *shrug*) but, I loved that book hard. I’ve got a little big huge thing for nerds, snarky/witty banter that is practically foreplay, and slow burn deliciousness. So off I went, to read Scorpio Hates Virgo while giddy as a school girl but still hesitant.

I needn’t worry.

While Leo Loves Aries will always be #1 in my heart, this was a close #2. It had all of the elements I love from the dry humor to the love-who-you-love-without-apology stance. The connection from book 1 to book 2 is forged through Crystal, Leone and Theo’s mom. Crystal is one of the neighbors in “The Cul-de-sac”. It totally deserves the capitalized title with the non-family-but-totally-family they have forged. Crystal is still just as crazy as ever and still pimping out astrological sign tidbits and information to those around her; especially Cal and Percy.

Callaghan and Perseus.


Deliverers of snarky verbal grenades.

Callaghan and Percy have been neighbors on The Cul-de-sac for years. Percy living with his aunt and Cal with his parents. They have been nemeses since the very first day Percy fell off his bike while checking Cal out.

“Cal had helped him up, and instead of asking if Percy was okay or needed an ice pack, he’d shaken his head and delivered the first verbal grenade, ‘All elegance, that was.’”

As time went on, their interactions consisted of verbal slayings. When they were in college and only saw each other on holidays, summers, etc., it was an addiction to pull the pin on a verbal grenade and watch it explode. Percy is back home sorting through his beloved Aunt Abby’s house after she passed away. During this time, he begins to forge a “frenemies” relationship with Cal. Their relationship starts off slow and the dry humor is thick. However, the beauty beneath the dry humor is the unassuming way Cal cared for Percy. It was subtle but profound in the growth of their relationship. They were sweet, sassy and so sexy together. The snarky banter alone could light up the sheets… and I’m not talking about sheets of paper. The tension from just their whispers threatened to melt my kindle. Yowza!

Let’s talk about The Cul-de-sac. It is a group of unique, quirky, caring neighbors that love everyone as their own. They became a family made of friends and it was their amazing support that fostered an environment where you can love who you love with no questions asked. If only all places were like this. Not gonna lie, I wanted to march to my neighbors and demand a game of Sherlock Gnomes, group BBQs, and conversations with TMI. I didn’t… but I wanted to. This group of friends added so much to the story.

I LOVED this book. It had a slower start than book 1 but it was authentic to both MCs. The humor was drier and possibly even nerdier. Cal is a Ginger. The sex was hot. The build up to it was even hotter. Their love was realistically beautiful. The support was amazing. #Winning

“It took forty-two muscles to pinch a face in anger. Four to lift an arm and slap him. Difficult math.” *snort*

“You’re an open book—my open book—and I’ve been studying you for a long time.” *swoon*

Copy provided for honest review.

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