Trust with a Chaser

Originally posted @BMBR on August 16, 2017

Tag Team with Adam (Click to see his review)

3.5 Stars

You know how sometimes you have no idea what you want to eat for dinner but you know you have all the ingredients for a recipe that tastes decent, not complicated, and very dependable? One you could make with your eyes closed? That’s what I would equate Trust with a Chaser to. It’s solid Annabeth Albert in whom I have come to expect dependable reads from. But dependable doesn’t always have to be predictable and that is what I have also found with this book. The recipe for in-the-closet-MCs has been well played throughout the genre and unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of variation.

1 closeted cop
1 out and proud male
1 crazy-stuck-in-their-ways small town
2 families with drama
1 situation to overcome and determine whether coming out is worth the risk
1 million references to how OLD 39 years old really is *AARP anyone?*

You get my point? It wasn’t awful. Just very predictable in the way most books with closeted tropes are. I liked Police Chief Nash Flint and Tavern owner Mason together. They had great chemistry and pretty steamy sexy times. There was a lot of family drama that didn’t really explode. Mason was pulled in many different directions with the family of degenerates he shared blood with, the restaurant, and Nash. Chief Flint had to deal with his own reservations, how he thought his town and family would react to him coming out and the burden of being Chief in a small town. The coming out was practically a non-issue even though the build up made it seem it would be the opposite.

I could feel their connection. Their intimacy built slowly over time by starting with meals at the Tavern and escalating to “cooking lessons” at their houses. Nash learned how to *ahem* cook among other things. Their relationship was believable. I just wish that a little spice was thrown into the story to set it apart and make it somewhat more than the status quo.


I liked this book the same way I like cooking grilled cheese because it’s easy and I know it will come out edible. But, sometimes I want to add tomato, ham and if I’m feeling really frisky, grilled onions. Having regular grilled cheese isn’t bad… I just don’t want it all the time.

If you’re looking for a low key predictable read with sexy times, I’d recommend it. But if you’re in your 30s, make sure you have a will written, AARP card secured, and nursing home on speed dial. #ancient

Copy provided for honest review.

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