Deep in the Count

4 Stars

Nerds AND Jocks? Jocks and Nerds? *gkhadkjashdashnfjb*

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I looooooooooove me some nerds and jocks. This one delivered. I probably should have started by saying that I thought the prompt for this book was fantastic. What a refreshing take on the age old sports/nerd romance. “My jock has no problem going after our geek, he doesn’t care what others will think, he wants him so bad.”

Gobbled. that. shit. up.

Speaking of gobbling up…the dorm room scene was H.O.T. Ohhhhhh to be a fly on the wall… or a creeper outside the window.

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I loved the insane geekdom in this book. The codes? Battlestar? Nerd T-shirts *dreamy sigh*

Annnnnnd, they say “that’s what (s)he said” jokes. I’m not ashamed to admit I appreciate some good TWSS jokes.

Really enjoyed this book.

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