Perfect 10

Originally posted @BMBR on September 6, 2017.

2 Stars

I LOVE the Olympics (especially swimming). I love the sports, athletes, their intense dedication and skill. I also love any halfway decent romance that centers around Olympics, Nationals, qualifiers and/or intense training. I love it all so much and feel like I missed my calling to become a highly trained athlete and really experience all the Olympic Village has to offer. *eyebrows* Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book. Hell, I didn’t even like it. The “top gymnast injured” storyline was just a front for some bad porn. It was all stretching, massaging muscles and sex. *cue 80s porn music*

First up, we have Chris Allen. Chris was a top gymnast before his vault springboard malfunctioned which led to some serious injuries. He is determined to go against all the naysayers and compete at the top level again. Due to his injuries, he was dropped from his coaches and sponsors and is on the hunt for someone that will work with him. Luckily for Chris, Brian Rainings is looking to try his hand as a men’s gymnastics coach.

Brian was a gymnast when he was younger. After a bad knee injury, he has been coaching girl’s gymnastics at the high school level. Brian meets with Chris and offers to train for the summer and see how things go. Chris accepts the offer and moves in with Brian to “save money.”

Up until this point in the story, things are fine. The writing is a tad outdated and juvenile but there was potential for the plot. I was still interested in finding out if Chris could overcome all odds and compete at the top level with an unseasoned coach at his side. Unfortunately, we are treated to stretches, sex, massages, sex, practice on vault, sex, rings, sex, floor exercise, sex, horse, sex, locker room and did I mention sex? Did Chris overcome his injuries? No fucking clue. Was Brian successful as a coach? No idea. Did Chris score a perfect 10? Wouldn’t know because there weren’t ANY competitions. It was literally a bang train of orgasms under the guise of athletic coaching and a comeback. They never made it out of the high school gym. Unless you count the locker room?

gym exercises.gif

I won’t even go on a rant of no condom use, the insta-love, an alarming frequency of the word “man” and the jacked up stance on how being gay means no kids… wtf?

Clearly, this book didn’t work for me. I like books with sports, sex, and romance; individually and all together. I like smuttastic books, too. But, I have standards and require an actual storyline with some sense of follow through while enjoying my porn. Definitely do not recommend this book.

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