4 Stars

That cover. Unf! I’ll give you another moment to appreciate it. Obviously, I had to check the cover the book out after seeing the straining muscles, drumsticks and tattoos. *looks at it again for… research purposes* A southern drum line captain and a girl trying out for an all-guy line? Color me interested.

I’m Gonna let you in on a little secret…along with being on the track team and playing basketball when I was younger, I was also in band. *gasp* I’m a closeted band geek and now I’m seriously second guessing why I friend-zoned all of the drumline and instead dated a saxophone player?!?! *smdh*

The story begins when Laird, captain in his senior year at Rodney University has to fill up the empty spots on the drum line. One of the auditionees is a freshman girl, Reese. In a line where it has only been men.


In a quick minute, Laird decided that Reese was going to be his and he had to claim her forever and ever. Reese doesn’t want to give in to the temptation because she doesn’t want to be known as “that girl” that sleeps her way to a position on the line. Both have overcome a lot in their lives. The back stories provided a depth beyond the hot girl/hot guy fight and then have hot sex storyline. Laird is broody, growly, and cranky while Reese has a chip on her shoulder the size of Antarctica. The attraction was instant and explosive. They were both all I-am-Heman/Shera-hear-me-roar. I was all it’s-getting-hot-in-here-take-off-your-fucking-clothes-already.

I REALLY liked Laird and Reese together. Especially when it came to sex. I like communication in relationships but I would have been ok with all sex, no talk. Laird was all caveman in the bedroom with his hot commands and he was very creative. Drumsticks.

Instead of just using fingers…


I’ll give you another moment to visualize.

Mmmmmmkay, me likey. A lot. I hope they are adding that creative use to Drumsticks 101 for all future drumline recruits. It would be a public service to know the uses on and off the snare drum. Just sayin’.

Anywho, Reese and Laird work. They have JV level drama and work it out. Reese was perplexing at times though. For such a badass, she waffles a TON about their relationship. But with Laird’s magic penis and green eyes, she is cured of her brain lapse each time.

Being the only girl, Reese is a target of some awful hazing and bullying from the drum line lieutenant, Marco. Marco was an asshole. A bully. A tool. A wanker. A waste of space. *ragey* There were many times I wanted to sympathize one page and throat punch him the next. He was a large part of the story line and I was really disappointed that the resolution for such an important character took place off page.

There was another character that contributed a lot to the story, Eli. He was an eight year old and I was troubled at how he was written. I’ve known many eight year olds in my day through teaching third grade for a good portion of my teaching career. I’ve taught in inner city, country and suburbia which has given me a good grasp on different circumstances that eight year olds endure and how they talk.

THIS isn’t it:
“suck my dick”

“Do you talk to God with the same mouth you eat pussy with?”

“And I can’t do that once I get home, so y’all need to figure your shit out. Whatever issues you’ve got, they’re cockblocking my peacocking, if you get my drift.”

It brought me out of the story. Every. Single. Time. I didn’t see the point because neither of the MCs spoke that way to him and his parents were supportive as well. Not a fan.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Not gonna lie, I would have enjoyed a m/m version of this. It was funny, hot, and had a HEA. I’d recommend it.

Please excuse me while I order some drumsticks from Amazon… you know, so I can learn to play…*ahem* the drums.

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