Lord Mouse

4.5 Stars

I’m not going to write a full review on this book but I have big heart eyes for it. Mouse is a straight up badass. This book had all the feels of my favorite fantasy books but with the added cherry on top of it being M/M AND historical.*sign me upppppppp* There wasn’t a lot of romance but it totally worked. Garron and Mouse had such a perilous undertaking to get out of the city that they didn’t have time for all of those stolen moments that typically take place in fantasy romance. Ask me if I cared? Not one bit. I was so enthralled with their story and the complete master manipulator named Mouse that I didn’t even notice. I wouldn’t have complained if they had more sexy times on page but it definitely didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book.

I read along with the narrator, Joel Leslie and really enjoyed it. He was on point with all the voices he had going on. This was one of my few AB experiences where I didn’t feel like I was missing something if I had to just listen for a bit due to driving, washing dishes, etc., and couldn’t read.

I would definitely recommend this book in any form you can get your hands on.

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