Tender with a Twist

Originally posted for a review @BMBR on September 26, 2017
4 Stars

“One kinky wood carver.”


That’s all it took to decide I had to read it. I didn’t stop and read the rest of the blurb, I went all MINE and never looked back. I probably should have since I had mixed feelings about the first book in the series but I had my sights set on a big, muscly, bearded, tattooed, growly, lumberjackesque, kinky as hell bottom. Hell to the yes.

Curtis was introduced in book one as being the broody friend of the police chief. He didn’t have a lot of happy in his life and with the loss of his husband two years prior, he was just making it day to day. Curtis was a sub without a Dom. A pain slut looking for the relief that being dominated and pain brings. With luck finally shining down on him, he stumbles upon a Dom that may be just what the doctor ordered.

Logan; chef at Rainbow Tavern and aspiring Dom. At a leather night hosted by the tavern, Logan gets in an altercation with a big beefy drunk Dom. With his aikido training, Logan makes it clear that he isn’t weak nor a sub. He is a Dom. *Yessir* Curtis just happens to be within hearing distance and has an extra skip in his step… all the way to kinky-sub-space-land at Logan’s house that night.

”This was the place I craved. No more thinking, just existing from electric touch to electric touch, the pain both grounding me and setting me free to soar.”

What was supposed to be a one time thing led to Curtis agreeing to provide lessons for the very inexperienced baby Dom, Logan.

Now, here is where I have mixed feelings on the book. If I would have just kept reading the blurb, I would have known Logan was an inexperienced Dom. Alas, I’m a slacker and got distracted. It was very Kink/Dom 101 for the first half. This is to be expected considering the blurb but was also a reason why it dragged for me. I’m used to diving right into my kink books already in the submissive position ready to say “Yes, Sir” because the Doms are experienced. This is more my preference than the books fault. I enjoyed it more as the scenes became less teachy.

For much of the first half, Logan and Curtis’ interactions and scenes were hot but sterile. They had many scenes without any emotion and zero kissing.

“You’re so all fired to get me trussed up. How about you tie me to the bed and fuck me until I can’t think?”


Like I said, hot. But, it was strictly about fulfilling a physical need. The shift in their relationship happened slowly and each scene became more intimate than the last. It became about more than getting off and somehow a friendship and then feelings snuck through the walls Curtis had built. I had a hard time connecting with them for a bit but was fully on board with their transformation by the end. They were perfect for each other. It was enjoyable to see that their bedroom dynamics didn’t hinder the other parts of their lives but enhanced them. I liked that they weren’t locked into their roles as D/s in the bedroom and would sometimes switch and allow themselves to be vulnerable. These tender moments had me rooting for them whether it was a flogging with fucking or forehead kisses and blow job. I believed them.

“Things were changing between us, encounter by encounter, moment by moment, and while it scared me, I also reveled in it.”


One of the things that had me scratching my head and wanting to take a hammer to my kindle was the way everyone treated Logan. It was WAY OTT on the lack of confidence they had in Logan and his ability to adult. His friends and family were all guilty of this Logan-is-a-shrinking-violet-and-can’t-take-a-piss-without-a-helping-hand mentality. The comments and behaviors lacked justification. His parents made me ragey AF and apparently never cut the umbilical cord. Another plot point was Curtis’ hang up with the age difference. The age difference was STILL brought up in the “7 months later” chapter. *smdh*

Anyway, it was a well earned HEA with a sugary sweet ending where everything was wrapped up neatly in a pretty bow. If you’re new to kink and are interested in D/s, pain, etc., this would be a good starter for you. I enjoyed Tender with a Twist more than the first book in the series and I’m glad I didn’t skip it. Thank goodness for kinky wood carvers. Recommended.


Copy provided for honest review.

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