Originally reviewed for BMBR on October 19, 2017.
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4 Stars

Holy Shitballs I need a Xanax and alcohol after reading that.


While I thought it was really good, it’s not for the faint of heart and will keep you on the edge of your seat 99% of the time. If you’re squeamish about human and animal death/cruelty, you’ll want to avoid this book.

The stage is set with the gruesome details of a plane crash that August has survived. August is a male model flying on a private jet to Paris for his next shoot. The plane goes down in the extremely unforgiving, Alaskan Bush.


Shortly after the plane crash, we are introduced to the wild looking Keegan. Keegan saves August from the wolves and bear that have already started feasting on the buffet the crash site offers.

Keegan has been living in the Alaskan wilderness for nearly a decade. He survives day to day in this uninhabitable land because the only alternative is certain death from those who wouldn’t hesitate to torture and kill him. He rescues a severely injured August and does everything to get him to safety.

Much of the book details their journey of survival. They have to fight, stay alert, and heal. Both MCs at multiple points, are knocking on death’s door because the bush is a cruel bastard. “The bush always took more out of a man than they could get back.” August has a lot to overcome due to his injuries from the plane crash and Keegan gives everything to ensure August lives with all the odds stacked against them. Wolves. Evil grizzly bears. Freezing temperatures. Life-threatening injuries. August has such a strong will to live and makes the best of his circumstances. He could have been a whiney celebrity and instead he had the mental strength to compensate for what he lacked in physical strength. Keegan represented life, survival, strength and eventually became home. He was in awe of August. In him, Keegan found a reason to do more than just survive.

I wasn’t fully on board with how their relationship began. BUT, I absolutely loved watching them fall in love. Their love was bittersweet and heartbreakingly beautiful because they both knew it would end. There was a pureness to it that made me feel everything along with them. Injuries aside, they got down! A lot. It was hot.

“If you can wrestle bears you can fuck me harder than that.”

One of my favorite characters was Daisy, the wolf.


She was the freakin’ bomb.com. She loved her humans hard and would live or die for her “pack.” She provided much needed tension relief when she was just a pup and my blood pressure/heart fully appreciated the break in intensity. The girl had a thing for Keegan’s underwear. Can’t. Blame. Her. All big and burly, Keegan. *Mmmm* Yes, please.

Let’s talk about the epilogue.
By the time I made it to the end, I felt like I’d been through a battle right along with the MCs. They literally fought tooth and nail to survive and all we get is a teeny tiny itty bitty little window into their life. Not. Cool. The book was extremely detailed UNTIL they got their HEA. Their lives were finally about more than surviving moment to moment and I WANT MORE MOMENTS that aren’t laced with potential death. *ends tantrum*

I still dug it. I’d definitely recommend this book. It was intense. It was an adventure. It was Wild.


Copy provided for honest review.

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