Fragile Ground

4 Stars

Whew! Color me happy and surprised. This was an enjoyable read plus it’s a debut novel. *Shocked face* It wasn’t perfect but I really liked it.

“Fucking retrograde amnesia.”

Poor Olivier. He wakes up after a car accident with the past two years of his memories gone. He is covered in tattoos, apparently all the way out of the closet, lives on the West coast and there is this guy/roommate that is tending to his every need and he doesn’t understand why.

Auriel is the love of Olivier’s life. But, now he is the guy Olivier doesn’t remember. Their love story, their chemistry, their connection, their romance; all of it’s gone and Auriel is subjected to playing an overcaring roommate while Olivier adjusts to his new life.

It’s a very bumpy and emotional journey as Olivier and Auriel find a way to let each other go and then in turn, find their way back. Auriel’s love for Olivier is beautiful as he tends to Olivier and then gives him what he needs, even when it’s breaking his heart and smashing it to pieces.

“I’m sorry… For forgetting you. For not knowing how to love you.”

Auriel and Olivier walk on fragile ground to get to…well, a place that they can find each other and love again in spite of their circumstances; even if it isn’t the same as it was before. They do find their way to a HEA but I was even more delighted that it wasn’t all wrapped up in a shiny bow.

As I said above, it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows in this debut. My first little niggle is that we didn’t know much about what happened to Olivier. They didn’t really talk about the accident, it wasn’t mentioned besides an in passing car accident and a couple text messages asking where he was. If I hadn’t read the synopsis, I wouldn’t have understood what actually led to this brain injury until about 20%. Which is fine but I wouldn’t have complained to have a bit more information as the story progressed.

My next issue was more of a something is missing feeling. From Olivier’s letting Auriel go phase to their back together phase, something was missing. Olivier didn’t do much soul searching for someone who had zero memory and the jump in feelings wasn’t fully realized when they were back together so suddenly. I will say that after this coming together, they did work things through and it became much less disjointed.

I really enjoyed this book and will look forward to more from this new author. The writing style was easy to digest and although the amnesia trope has been done many times before, this was interesting and not the status quo. The growth each man made was evident and their connection became believable. Definitely recommended.

“Our experiences, our choices; these are not only demonstrations of who we are… they are the things that make us who we truly are.”


Copy provided by author in exchange for honest review.

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