Yours For The Holiday

Reviewed for @BMBR

3 Stars

That cover…


I waffled back and forth on my rating with this one for a few days. *sigh* It was just okay. The characters were decent (when they weren’t whiny and changing their minds every scene), being fully accepted and loved by a surrogate family hits me in my happy place, and the premise of best friend’s little brother appeals to me. It had potential but fell a bit short in execution.

Jason (JJ) Hendricks is heading home for Thanksgiving. His home is the cabin of his best friend’s (Derek) family, the Wells. JJ has a dysfunctional family situation with an absent father and an addict of a mother. The Wells family has been his true family… even Remy, Derek’s younger brother and the guy JJ loves to hate and hates to love.

Remy has been in love with JJ forever. He was Remy’s first crush and those feelings never went away even though they’re constantly tearing into each other. This is the first Thanksgiving they will both be attending at the same time in years. They also have to share a room. Much to Remy’s surprise, JJ is not as straight as an arrow but has yet to come out as bisexual. Ohhhh the temptation for manty wearing Remy. Unfortunately Remy is straight off a break up and JJ can’t risk losing the only family he has. One thing leads to another; red satin here, an ass grab there, hand job after and both men find themselves in situations neither expected. There were some redeeming qualities; They had decent chemistry with some heat. There was also a teasing element to their interactions that I enjoyed along with the familiarity of life long friends.

Welp, that’s pretty much it. There wasn’t enough depth in this story to make it more interesting. The synopsis for the book pretty much includes everything that happens throughout. Yes, there is some added unnecessary drama thrown in with Derek (Waaaaaaaay OTT) and some J.V. level drama with JJ’s parents, Other than that, just the back and forth between the two MCs in a “We shouldn’t/ We should/ We can’t/ But here’s a dick pic” kind of way. I actually liked JJ and Remy as individuals. I forgave the lack of relationship development because they had known each other for years while growing up. I even forgave the abundance of mundane details that were included throughout. But, what was left didn’t make up enough to move my opinion from okay to like.


If you’re looking for a low key, low angst, predictable read, this may be for you.

Copy provided for honest review.

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