The Fiance

The Fiance by Christopher X. Sullivan: Review by Lost in a Book

The Fiancé (It's Just Us Here #6)


Chris and Mark have been apart for eight months.

Will they get a second chance? They both want it.

And will they do it the right way this time? Chris needs to be open with his family, and that means coming out. Mark needs to be the solid foundation in the pairing, because otherwise Chris is just going to run, run, run.

[The Fiancé is Book Six in a ten book series. The series is broken into three major ‘arcs’. This second-chance romance is the middle of the “Lovers and Second Chances” arc.

It’s Just Us Here: The Fiancé is a 105,000 word journey of two men deciding if they want to give themselves a second chance. And if they do, then there’s no more playing around. Chris won’t settle for anything less than forever. Is Mark that kind of guy?]

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“This is us…. This is the new us. And the making of us is going to be the best part… the best part of my life.”

The Fiance installment definitely provides insight on the making of Chris and Mark… but, unlike the quote, it isn’t quite the best part of their lives yet; more like a bridge with a few trolls under it that you have to cross before you get to the greener pastures (sorry for the imagery, we’ve been on a Three Billy Goats Gruff kick lately in the Lost household).

This installment spends more time explaining family, friends, histories, and the dynamics between them all. Although the title sorta gives a happy image, there are more melancholy parts to this book than and they live happily ever after parts. Readers are also painted a more in-depth picture of the post “Big Fight” life and how it affected Chris, Mark, and the many people in their lives.

I’m waiting for them to find their groove but it still seems they are struggling to find their footing. Which, hello… real life. Shit happens, feelings are real, and there isn’t a manual to flip a switch into relational bliss. There’s much more internal dialogue from Chris in The Fiance than in the previous installments which is a good thing and at the same time you just want to shake him… a teeny tiny bit. Sometimes because of his thoughts/actions and also oddly because of information that seems to be withheld (I’m assuming anything withheld will be divulged in the remaining installments).

This book is necessary in the grand scheme of their relationship. Just to note, there isn’t sex in this book (would have been totally out of place) and the topic of it’s almost avoided (which might not be best).  Trigger warning for mentioned addiction.

I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey and seeing how they grow towards “the best part of my life.”


Copy provided for honest review and I’ve also purchased my own.

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