4 Stars

Adam Only by Roe Horvat

Any Old Diamonds by KJ Charles

A Scot’s Surrender by Lily Maxton

Astray by Elvira Bell

Band Sinister by KJ Charles

Believe in the Wish by Christi Snow

Best Man by Lily Morton

Briefs Collection by Anyta Sunday

Broken Sun by B.D. Roca

Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen

Coming In by Michelle Ogilvy

Contour by Meg Harding

Cultivating Love by Addison Albright

Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat

DJ Dangerfield by Anyta Sunday

Family Camp by Eli Easton

Femme by Marshall Thornton

Good Boy by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Deep in the Count by Madison Parker

Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

Fragile Ground by Louisa Keller

Gemini Rules Capricorn by Anyta Sunday

Holding On by Sarah Hadley Brook

How to Run with the Wolves by Eli Easton

Jude by Garrett Leigh

Julien by Ella Frank

Kiss Me Again by Garrett Leigh

Lace-Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet

Laurent and the Beast by K.A. Merikan

Like a Gentleman by Eliot Grayson

Living Out Loud by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

Love on a Battlefield by Posy Roberts

Merry & Bright by Joanna Chambers

Not Dead Yet by Jenn Burke

Riptide by Ruthie Luhnow

Solstice Prince by S.J. Himes

Soul to Keep (Rented Heart #2) by Garrett Leigh

Status Update by Annabeth Albert

Strays by Garrett Leigh

Studly Period by Sarina Bowen

Tender Mercies by Eli Easton

The Bibliophile by Drew Marvin Frayne

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee

The Other Book by Roe Horvat

The Replacement Husband by Eliot Grayson

The Sumage Solution by G.L. Carriger

The Valet by SJ Foxx

Think of England by KJ Charles

Thrive by Aly Martinez

True Colors by Anyta Sunday

Undaunted by Devin Harnois

Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert

Wild by Adrienne Wilder

Yuletide Truce by Sandra Schwab