Briefs: Collection

Briefs: Collection by Anyta Sunday: Review by Lost in a Book


Slow burn romance that quickens the heart. From sweet & light-hearted to raw and emotional – this collection contains eight contemporary gay romance novellas previously published individually between 2013 and 2016.

Sweet & Light-Hearted:

“Noticed Me Yet?”
Who is this Mr. X that Jacob keeps writing to? And how can he be falling for him?

“DJ Dangerfield”
Who is this DJ Dangerfield in Real Life? And will Justin like him in the flesh as much as on the air?

“Get It”
Why does unrequited love leave you blind as a bat to other things?

“500 Kisses”
Are 500 kisses all it takes to steal a heart?

“The Douglas Fir”
Can Jason find that magic gift to win his neighbor’s heart?

“It Could Be You”
What is worst – having won 15 million quid but not being able to find the bloody ticket, or the unrequited love you have for your roommate?

Raw & Emotional:

Is it possible two dead hearts can see life again?

“Bird Meets Cage”
He was everything I wasn’t. He was the first man I ever loved, and he left without me ever telling him that the way he looked at me broke my heart.

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Overall Rating: 4 Stars

There was a time a couple years ago where I wouldn’t read anything shorter than 200 pages because I was a size queen. For some crazy reason, I never thought a full story could be fully encompassed in fewer pages. My oh My, I was wrong. This collection is made up of novellas that have an array of feels which help balance the fluffy stories with emotional ones. Anyta can write. Seriously. I never have to worry about her books being formulaic because each has a unique story with beautiful writing. Some of these shorts I have previously read and wrote very little about- but still very much enjoyed.

Noticed Me Yet?- 4 Stars

This was absolutely adorable. I was hooked and love the quirky little exchanges between Jacob & Mr. X. So sweet and freeeeeeeeee.

DJ Dangerfield- 4 Stars

book bug.gif

Okay, so I know that gif is kinda sorta creepy- but this short was like getting a book hug. The feelzzzzzz this left me with… *swoon*

For being such a short story, this had me reading with a dopey grin from its fleshed out and oh so likable characters, unique story, and their self discovery. The angst is pretty low but DJ Dangerfield and Justin have some complications to sift through.

Imagine you listen to the same radio station and call in to talk/banter/disagree with the DJ every night for a over a year. Then think about the connection and feelings that develop for someone you’ve never met and the trepidation on possibly ruining the magic by finally meeting? That’s this story.



Sex plays a very minor part in this short which was perfect. I didn’t need sex to feel the chemistry and connection these characters were working with. Once again, Anyta can make me fall in love with the worlds she builds and the amazing characters that navigate them. *dreamy sigh*

Get It- 3.25 Stars

This packed a UST punch with endearing MCs and some feels over the unrequited love that was so evident in all their interactions. Adorable.

500 Kisses- 4 stars

Another super sweet read and this short story was created from a prompt and picture. It’s amazing what authors can create from just those two things. I’ll forever be in awe of their creativity.

The Douglas Fir- 4 Stars

I totally loved this one. I’ll be honest, I skipped to the end of this story because I HAD to know what happened. But once I knew, I HAD to go back to where I left off and savor every word leading up to it. I wish it were longer, even a chapter more would have made all the difference. There’s a whole lot of pining going on and the resolution is at the very end which didn’t leave much time for us to see them together. Still, really really enjoyable.

It Could Be You- 3.5 Stars

This was 19 pages of goodness. Pretty much an extended scene that had me cheesy grinning the whole way through.

Hearts- 4.5 Stars

OMG sooooo unique with tons of feels. I wish it were longer but it really doesn’t need to be. Each word has purpose and goodness, I adored this short with Toby and Daniel. *swoon*

Bird Meets Cage- 5 Stars

*hangs head in shame*

I can’t believe I didn’t read this book because of its size. It’s Anyta Sunday for goodness sake. Anyta. Sunday. *smh* I just want to put her in my pocket and have her tell me stories all day long.

Loved. It.